Planning a Fashion Show Birthday Party for Your Daughter

Planning a Fashion Show Birthday Party for Your Daughter

Throwing a fashion show birthday party can be a lot of fun. When you think of the word “fashion”, what do you see? Do you see dresses, accessories, jewelry, and shoes? If so, you’re on your way to throwing a great fashion show birthday party!

The first thing you need to decide is whether your child or your guests will want to attend the fashion show. Children love to dress up and take part in the fashion shows that are held each year at malls around the country. They love to see what designers are bringing out this year and they are excited to try out the new styles. The shows are also a good way for them to meet people who are interested in the latest fashion trends.


If your child is old enough, there’s nothing like taking him or her to one of the fashion shows. You can dress up as a favorite character from a favorite TV show or movie and get some great fashion advice from the experts. This can be really fun for children, although it may be somewhat embarrassing for you. Some children aren’t comfortable displaying their interests in front of others, so this is definitely something to discuss with your child before the day. Make sure he or she is ready to be embarrassed before the day.


It’s always fun for adults to attend the birthday parties of kids. There’s nothing like being able to share in the fun of the fashion show. If you have the chance, plan an extra day or two for your family to all go to the same place for the fashion show. It’s a great family event, if everyone can enjoy it.


Once you’ve decided on a location and planned the party, your child’s birthday is just a few weeks away. Before you buy any supplies, check out the prices at local party stores. There are bound to be some that are a little more expensive than you want to spend, but these are also likely to be the most fun items to purchase. You can also look online for bargains, but you’ll need to know what you want before you go shopping. You may be able to find the party decorations and favors at a great discount if you do some searching around. Just remember to get the basics, and make sure your child is ready to have fun before spending money you don’t have.


Planning a great fashion show birthday party requires plenty of thought and consideration. This party isn’t just about the outcome; it’s about having fun as well. Your child will thank you for the fun she had while watching the various fashion trends that were on display. Have a great time planning the best birthday party for her.

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